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US Expats anywhere in the world


US citizens and Green Card holders continue to have a US tax filing requirement even if they are living overseas. Every situation is different but almost all expatriates require a Federal tax return and a Report of Foreign Bank Accounts. Federal tax return typically run from only a handful of forms to over 100 pages long because tax returns for US citizens and Green Card holders overseas are much more complicated than when living and working in the US. This is mainly due to claiming the foreign earned income and housing exclusions, as well foreign tax credits, and many other factors that bring with them additional reporting requirements. You might also need to file a state tax return to cut your ties and prevent your old state of residence from taxing your overseas income and you might need to file one of the many “information” tax returns that the IRS demands.


Important facts you need to know

Being a US Citizen or Green Card Holder in the Middle East means there are several tax requirements to stay compliant in the US.


Why partner with a specialist Expat accountant?

Living outside the USA can make your tax filing requirements quite complicated and to make sure you pay the absolute minimum it’s critical that your accountant understands every aspect and avenue to deliver the lowest tax liability possible. We have a dedicated team of tax accountants that work exclusively with US Expats that work, earn and invest around the world


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